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The Artistic Jury reserves the right to report, in addition to the awarded, works and artists deemed to merit "Special Mention". Festival Management will award prizes during the event: Manolo Bolognini to the most distinguished producer in the last year; Giuria del Pubblico; Cortodino alla Carriera to established artists of cinema and entertainment; Buon Vento to young emerging artists; and can award the prizes: - Matrix to the results of the new frontiers in audio-visuals virtual reality, video art, video mapping, web series, etc.

Films from abroad must be subtitled in Italian. CortodinoFF launched in a national awareness campaign in favor of the deaf so that people with this disability can take advantage of the cinema show thanks to the subtitling in Italian of the films. With the same merit, the Selection Committee will consider the works containing subtitles in Italian as the preferred choice.

For the awarding of prizes, it is necessary for the author or a delegateto attend the event. The awards will be presented by well-known personalities from the world of film, directly to the winners or their delegates. For winners coming from outside the Campania region facilities can be provided for their stay in the city, to be agreed with the organization. The non-participation of the author, or delegate, at the final awards evening, does not oblige the organization to send the prize to the residenceof the winner.

Go to Festival description. Film festival. Does NOT have submission fees. Debut Films. I do not see in my life another companion, I see no other joy. Our final poem for this article is by no less than the official National Poet of Modern Italy.

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It contains some of his greatest works. There you have it, six short Italian poems. We hope you enjoyed your foray into Italian poetry.

Which one on this list do you like best? Or do you have a favorite Italian poem that we failed to mention? Do share it with us in the comments! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Quick Navigation I. Alla Sera Ugo Foscolo. Ugo Foscolo is not only a poet and novelist, he is also a revolutionary and this reflects on his masterpieces. E quando ti corteggian liete le nubi estive e i zeffiri sereni, Perhaps because you are the image of that fatal quiet so dear to me, you have come, O Evening! Il Lampo Giovanni Pascoli. And sky and earth showed what they were like: the earth panting, livid, in a jolt; the sky burdened, tragic, exhausted: white white in the silent tumult a house appeared disappeared in the blink of an eye; like an eyeball, that, enlarged, horrified, opened and closed itself, in the pitch-black night.

If you want to listen to an interpretation of Il Lampo, check out this video. L'Infinito Giacomo Leopardi.

Always to me beloved was this lonely hillside And the hedgerow creeping over and always hiding The distances, the horizon's furthest reaches. But as I sit and gaze, there is an endless Space still beyond, there is a more than mortal Silence spread out to the last depth of peace, Which in my thought I shape until my heart Scarcely can hide a fear.

And as the wind Comes through the copses sighing to my ears, The infinite silence and the passing voice I must compare: remembering the seasons, Quiet in dead eternity, and the present, Living and sounding still. And into this Immensity my thought sinks ever drowning, And it is sweet to shipwreck in such a sea.

Soldati Giuseppe Ungaretti. Here is his romantic poem called Rimani. Riposati accanto a me.

FAIRY TALES DOCUMENT PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

Non te ne andare. Ti amo.

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Non ho nessun pensiero che non sia tuo; non ho nel sangue nessun desiderio che non sia per te. Non temere di nulla. Dormi stanotte sul mio cuore… Stay! Rest beside me.