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Listen Now on Apple Podcasts. The Feast is headed to ancient Rome this week with experimental archaeologist, Farrell Monaco.

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Join us as we discover the bakeries and fast food joints of Pompeii, make an ancient Roman cheese ball with an early-rising farmer, and learn the joys of fish sauce with Apicius. From its origins in India and the Middle East, how did this unlikely seed pod make its way to the chilly climes of Scandinavia? We speak to Dr. Janis Thiessen and Kent Davies University of Winnipeg , two leaders on this research project to discover meaningful dishes and historical recipes in Manitoba, Canada.

Earl Grey. Tales from a Star Trek Speakeasy. The Feast is back!

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On our debut episode for Season 3, we dig deep into one of the most beloved sci fi universes of all time: Star Trek. Forget the transporters, phasers, and warp speed, on this episode, we look at the food and drink that kept the Enterprise crew flying through the stars. From millennia-old grape presses to enduring wine-soaked folk songs, learn how traditional Tuscan cuisine and culture can trace its lineage back years.

Join us in conversation with state politician and owner of Portland's Rising Tide Brewery, Heather Sanborn, as we chat about the past and present of Maine's beer scene. Listen Now On Apple Podcasts.

On this special summer episode, we talk to award-winning bartender Joshua James of the Clever Koi restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona about the long-lost original Arizona state cocktail, aptly named the Statehood From salt cod to goose tongue, she takes us through a culinary cornucopia of the island's history and culture. Exhibition Sneak Peak!

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We'll speak with one of the co-curators of the exhibit, Liz Ridolfo, as she takes us through a chronological culinary tour of Canada. Riding the Rails with the Harvey Girls. All aboard! Founded by Fred Harvey in the s, Harvey Houses marked the first attempt to provide standardized high quality dining experiences to passengers travelling the American West by rail. Listen now! More than one hundred years after its fateful encounter with an iceberg on April 14th, , the Titanic still captivates history buffs as a microcosm of Edwardian society.

From fire jumping to colored eggs, Persian New Year Nowruz is an epic annual tradition for millions of people worldwide. A celebration of the return of spring, Nowruz is a food-laden affair, where thousand-year-old dishes are served each year on Persian tables. Sure, he can pull a sword from a stone, but can King Arthur dice vegetables?

The once and future king is usually known more for his sword skills than his knife skills. But surely someone had to fix dinner for the Round Table! This week, we discover how feasting has played a crucial part of the Arthurian legends. The Feast Live! It's a very special live episode from The Feast! In honor of Women's History Month, we're bringing you a live discussion of women and cocktails in American history, straight from the Rosson House in Phoenix's Heritage Square. Before the s with its flappers and speakeasies, who were the mixed drinks mavens of US history?

As the Year of the Dog approaches, join us for noodle rolls and year cake in the city of Markham, Ontario- home to some of the best Cantonese restaurants and Asian supermarkets outside China! But did you know Dumas longest work was devoted entirely to his other passion?

The Early Harvest

Find out more Listen Here. We travel back to Manchester to the birth of the first-ever English Vegetarian Society. We'll try our hand at some Victorian vegetarian dishes and learn the surprising relationship between the meat-free diet and important social issues throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, from child labor laws to the women's suffrage movement. Listen H ere. From medieval butter towers to prehistoric bee-keepers, this week we're examining the divine associations with global foods with Emelyn Rude, editor of the new food history magazine Eaten.

Spectre at the Feast – George Monbiot

Think you can eat 50 bowls of noodles? What about ? This week, The Feast explores the tradition of wanko soba from Iwate, Japan, where families and friends compete to see who can slurp the most noodles in a single sitting From Caesar salad to Fettuccini Alfredo, we're surrounded by meals named for famous figures in history. But how many can claim to be the national dessert of not one, but two countries? This week, we're taking a look at the origins and history of the Pavlova, named for one of the world's first ballerina superstars.

Feast Alabang District

This week, we're bringing you the story of a ghostly banquet straight from the sagas of medieval Iceland. A mix of fact and fiction, sagas provide some of the only clues we have about early Icelandic cooking. Today, the island's cuisine may be famous for its fermented shark and its luscious skyr, but we'll learn what was on the menu 1, years ago when a dead woman decided to play chef for the night. Find out what happens when you eat the food of the dead and what to do when ghosts show up for their own funeral feast. Featuring Dr. Join us as we discover the rich culinary history of Syrian communities in New York City.

Beginning in the s, Syrian immigrants settled in lower Manhattan, setting up food shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. We'll listen to opera at Kalil's, a Syrian-owned restaurant which boasted seating for 1, at a time! This week, we're exploring the unsung history of African American cooks in the White House with soul food scholar, Adrian E.

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Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders. Description Hop on a carpet and fly to a ridiculously fun night of wine, dine and pantomime! Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders! Featuring a dazzling cast of cabaret performers, drag kings and queens, the scene will be set for The Sultan to find a suitor for his heir. Dine on an exotic five course feast and jewel themed cocktails. Though as the booze flows and the dinner goes, you may wish you had thought twice about touching the forbidden treasures.

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